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How to compliment someone in English

Basic formula of giving an English compliment

Here are a couple easy to follow formulas for putting together a compliment.

1. Your + Noun  + is/looks + Adjective

               > Your dog is so cute! 

               > Your backpack is really nice.

2. This/That + is + Adjective + Noun

               > That is a beautiful necklace.

               > This is such a cool car.

3. I + like/love + Noun Phrase

               > I really love your homemade chocolate cake.

               > I like the presentation you gave.


Different types of English compliments

There are many things you can compliment someone on, whether it is something they own, their physical appearance, or a talent they might have. Here are a few of the different types of compliments:

1. Compliments on physical appearance

               > I love your hair color.

               > You have the nicest eyes.

2. Compliments on a performance

               > You did a great job in the talent show.

               > You gave the best presentation today.

3. Compliments on personal qualities

               > You are such an amazing cook!

               > I love how organized you are.

4. Compliments on possessions

               > That is such a pretty sweater

               > Those sunglasses really suit you.


Hopefully you feel a bit more confident now that you’ve examined some of the basic terms and phrases. Now go out and show your friends and family some love with your new English compliments!

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